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Our aim is to tell stories - stories that inform and educate, that connect disparate facts and give pause for thought, that move people and sometimes shake them - and therefore entertain them in the best sense of the word. Our films are characterised by topics that matter, presented through impressive pictures and lavish editing. We devote as much effort and attention to thorough and investigative research as we do to compelling visual and dramatic interpretation. Why? Because we are convinced that even in times of ratings pressure well-made films of superior journalistic quality will attract large audiences. This is what we set out to do, with a dedicated team of experienced writers, directors, camera operators and film editors.

Whether it's about Alzheimer's research or the race for raw materials in the ocean depths, we always approach our topics from an international perspective. We aim to expand horizons and pose critical questions. We are equally concerned with the latest scientific findings as we are with the underlying economic and political interests. Organised environmental crime, gigantic dam projects or climate change - what drives us is shedding an accurate light on the state of our planet and, even more importantly, showing ways out of the present plight. Whether it's giving a hearing to the victims of the massacre in Beijing's Tiananmen Square or the representatives of a new peace movement in the USA - we are committed to tackling the complex issues of the past and addressing the issues vital for the future. At the same time, we have never lost our feeling for what's truly extraordinary or adventurous - whether it be the unknown treasures in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo or the first daring space travellers. And human beings always form the focus of our films - with their hopes and fears, their sense of responsibility and inventiveness, their conflicts and visions.

The principal clients for our television productions are the public broadcasting corporations in Germany. Increasingly, our films are produced in cooperation with international broadcasting organisations and European film funds. The choice of topics and style of our films appeals to a global audience - all our documentaries are distributed internationally and presented at many prestigious film festivals.

We have three post production suites (run by Gizmo-Postproduktion) available at our Cologne premises. And of course we use camera equipment of the most modern technical standard, and elaborate lighting and technical equipment as well as state-of-the-art animation.
Founded in July 2005

Managing Directors:

Thomas Weidenbach
Sarah Zierul

Our Team:

Isabelle Albert
Steffen Bohn
Maximilian Dederichs
Michael R. Gärtner
Dr. Rüdiger Heimlich
Meike Hemschemeier
Michael Kern
Huynh-Trang Lam
Dr. Thomas Liesen
Shi Ming
Daniel Münter
Dr. Frank Nischk
Herbert Ostwald
Claudia Ruby
Jan Wilm Schmülling
Marc Schubert
Katja Sträter
Dr. Ismeni Walter
Lars Westermann

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Längengrad Filmproduktion GmbH

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