Image and Training Films

We are not producers of commercials, but we do fully understand the importance of moving images and their emotional impact. This makes us a very useful partner for organisations, institutions and companies concerned with medical, scientific or ecological topics. They can rely on our years of experience and expertise, which have also made us specialists in the field of image and training films.

Whether it's films for conferences or training courses, information films or DVDs - we know how to present your chosen content vividly, excitingly, high-end and emotionally. Films of this sort can be made available worldwide in all languages and media.

Our previous productions include the film "Nivea Baby - The First Weeks", which was produced jointly with the 'com.convers communication' agency for the Beiersdorf company - an educational film distributed internationally in various languages, which explained clearly and sensitively to young mothers how to bathe, massage and swaddle newborn babies.

We hope we've aroused your interest and would be pleased to hear from you.

Broadcast date:

Operieren und kassieren - Ein Klinik-Daten-Krimi

27.06.2017 | 19:15 | tagesschau24

Radland NRW

30.06.2017 | 20:15 | WDR

Operieren und kassieren - Ein Klinik-Daten-Krimi

01.07.2017 | 09:15 | tagesschau24

Radland NRW

01.07.2017 | 13:00 | WDR

Dschungel unter Wasser - Das geheimnisvolle Leben im Baggersee

01.07.2017 | 13:15 | MDR

Vergessene Wracks - Schwarze Tränen der Meere

01.07.2017 | 22:00 | arte