Unlocking Pharaoh's Cellar
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo exhibits some 120.000 artefacts, including the mummies of legendary pharaohs such as Ramses II and the gold treasure of Tutankhamen. What hardly anyone suspects is that there is an estimated further 90.000 objets d'art stored in the cellar. For the first time our film team has snatched the exclusive opportunity to access these treasures, which have not been seen since their discovery.

Commissioned by WDR, in collaboration with ARTE
World sales: united docs

Written and directed by: Rüdiger Heimlich, Thomas Weidenbach // camera Michael Kern // sound: Stefan Nowak // film editor: Thomas Schreiber // music: Stefan Döring // production manager: Oliver Gontram // executive producer: Thomas Weidenbach // commissioning editors: Andrea Ernst, Daniele Jörg, produced by LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion

Running time: 45 min, 52 min

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