The Climate Crusade
Christians demand energy turnaround

A David and Goliath battle: committed Christians in many parishes in Germany are mobilizing against energy policies which they believe are fundamentally wrong. They are part of a new movement which is adopting a hands-on attitude to climate protection and is no longer prepared to tolerate the construction of ever more coal-fired power stations. These climate crusaders are reaching for new approaches to energy production and are demonstrating that there really are alternatives.

The film presents a surprising picture of the Protestant Church and provides insights into a climate conflict which has so far escaped the notice of large sections of the population.

Written and directed by: Heinz Greuling // camera: Steffen Bohn // sound: Thomas Keller // film editor: Jan Wilm Schmülling // music: Oliver Keidel // production assistent: Katja Sträter // production manager: Oliver Gontram // executive producer: Thomas Weidenbach // commissioning editors (WDR): Johanna Holzhauer, Andrea Ernst, produced by LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion

Running time: 45 min

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