Plug and Drive
What Is Keeping Us From Making Cars 'Green'?

Electric cars put the automobile industry under pressure: the price of oil is on a roller coaster, the carbon dioxide in exhaust fumes is killing the planet and the politicians are starting – despite the best efforts of the automobile industry lobby – to set limits on consumption. Yet customers have thus far waited in vain for the big companies to produce electric cars.

The film reports on the doers and visionaries behind this work and on their most important global projects. The advertising war surrounding the best e-car has long since started. This film uncovers why the traditional industry is reluctant to say goodbye to oil and shows that some firms look set to miss the development entirely. This is about more than the global climate and the mobility of millions of people, it is also about the future of a key industry.

Commissioned by WDR
World Sales: united docs
Written and directed by: Daniel Münter // camera: Steffen Bohn // sound: Thomas Keller // film editor: Marc Schubert // music: Stefan Düring // production manager: Oliver Gontram // executive producer: Thomas Weidenbach // commissioning editor: Gabriele Conze, produced by LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion

Running time: 30 min, 45 min, 52 min

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