The Story of the Apple
From the Garden of Eden to the gene lab

Known to everyone and liked by everyone. But who knows where it actually comes from – the apple? Where is the country in which this favourite fruit first grew and from where it conquered the world? The trail takes us to a land that’s hardly known, that was long closed to the outside world: Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Here we find apple trees growing not in gardens but in forests. Not cultivated fruit but wild apples in primaeval forests – just as nature created them millions of years ago. And they taste good.

This film relates the untold and extraordinary story of the apple.

Written and directed by: Catherine Peix // German adaptation: Thomas Weidenbach // camera: Pierre Isnardon, Dominique le Rigoleur // film editor: Catherine Peix, Thomas Schreiber // music: Stefan Döring // production manager: Oliver Gontram // a co-production of Seppia, Kri-kor films und Längengrad Filmproduktion // commissioning editor (MDR): Hendrik Wenner

Running time: 30 min in HD

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