Future Prospects

A selection of projects in preparation:

Water Is Our Future

This 5-part documentary series tells the story of five exceptional regions which show that a huge problem for mankind can be solved: our handling of the element that’s vital for life - water. Every viewer is familiar with headlines about rivers being polluted, deserts spreading, wetlands drying up, drinking water problems, conflicts about access to water and sea levels rising. What few people know is that there are many projects in very different parts of the world which have already found solutions for these problems and are adopting new approaches. Visually powerful, highly relevant and future-oriented – filmed in the USA and Mexico, the Netherlands, in Israel and Jordan, in Spain and Germany.
Coproduction with Arte G.E.I.E, for WDR and the international market
Distributor: Albatross World Sales

Paradise Preserved

The 5-part documentary series tells the stories of five fantastically beautiful landscapes. They represent role models for new approaches to nature conservation: working with people not against them – that’s the maxim. Instead of banning inhabitants, businesses and tourists from these species-rich areas of nature, some of their natural resources are exploited - responsibly. This is producing remarkably successful results. Filmed in Ecuador, the Republic of the Congo, Norway, in the Netherlands and Germany.
Coproduction with Arte G.E.I.E, for WDR and the international market
Distributor: Albatross World Sales

Flow of Nature

It’s an unknown treasure: between Basle in Switzerland to the south, the Vosges in France to the West and the Black Forest in Germany to the East lies one of the largest groundwater reserves in Europe. For the first time, biologist and filmmaker Serge Dumont has succeeded in diving into a world that has remained largely hidden. We are taken on a breathtaking journey through rain-drenched mountain slopes, gushing springs, meandering rivulets, crystal clear lakes and magical floodplain landscapes, which are all networked together. The film shows this region as it’s never been seen before: as a fascinating wetland habitat for numerous species of animals and plants. This is an astonishing natural world. And it is under increasing threat from intensive agriculture.
Coproduction with Seppia and SWR, in collaboration with Arte, for France3, UshuaiaTV and the international market
Distributor: Albatross World Sales

Who Can Save the World?

A cinema-quality documentary about visionaries in a time of financial crisis and climate catastrophe. Extraordinary examples of farsighted companies who have understood that money can be made without destroying the planet. A film to counteract depression - in the markets and in our minds.
In the process of development for WDR/ARD, open for presales

Religious War in the Land of the Pharaohs?
The Conflicts between Muslims and Christians in Egypt

Focusing on one of the hotspots of Coptic-Islamic confrontation, this documentary examines the social and political origins of a supposedly religious conflict. It reveals how the religious groups wrap their disputes in a cloak of faith, even though they are principally caused by failures on the part of the state and the politicians.

In the process of development for WDR/ARD

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Wasser ist Zukunft: Die Niederlande - Der Pakt mit dem Wasser

14.12.2017 | 08:40 | arte

Wasser ist Zukunft: Der Jordan - Fluss des Friedens?

15.12.2017 | 08:40 | arte

Kampf um Tibet (Schulfernseh-Fassung)

15.12.2017 | 22:30 | ARDalpha

Crispr – Revolution im Genlabor

16.12.2017 | 09:15 | tagesschau24