Future Prospects

A selection of projects in preparation:

The Black Tears of the Seas
Ticking time bombs on the seabed

It's a race against time. A challenge for scientists and engineers around the globe. Almost 70 years after the end of the Second World War the past is catching up with us – in the form of ships sunk at the time and the countless tons of oil that these rusting wrecks still contain. A total of 6,300 wrecks with an estimated 10 billion litres of oil on board. A legacy that threatens every coastal country in the world and represents a threat of which the public are still completely unaware. The film traces an investigative journey, which follows the battle of researchers and engineers at close quarters; it takes us on risky salvage operations on the seabed and leads us through laboratories, archives and government offices. A documentary which sheds the light of publicity on an ominous issue from the depths of the oceans which is both unknown and highly dangerous.
a production for WDR in cooperation with ARTE, open for international presale and co-production

The Saga of the Wolf – Need we be afraid of the big bad wolf?

The film tells the story of two families of wild wolves living in Germany in locations far apart. Both have common ancestry - and yet their lives could not be more different. How wolves behave and how people react to them is totally dependent on where they are born.

The documentary follows one wolf family in eastern Germany and one in the West and shows through authentic pictures what life in the packs is like. We have not filmed tame wolves or dogs, nor shot any footage in enclosures. Instead we have documented the life of these animals as it really unfolds in the wild.

This is a unique family saga covering several generations of wolves, a story full of life, joy, drama and death, played out against the background of the latest scientific findings.
a production for WDR in cooperartion with Arte

Who Can Save the World?

A cinema-quality documentary about visionaries in a time of financial crisis and climate catastrophe. Extraordinary examples of farsighted companies who have understood that money can be made without destroying the planet. A film to counteract depression - in the markets and in our minds.
In the process of development for WDR/ARD, open for presales

Religious War in the Land of the Pharaohs?
The Conflicts between Muslims and Christians in Egypt

Focusing on one of the hotspots of Coptic-Islamic confrontation, this documentary examines the social and political origins of a supposedly religious conflict. It reveals how the religious groups wrap their disputes in a cloak of faith, even though they are principally caused by failures on the part of the state and the politicians.

In the process of development for WDR/ARD

Broadcast date:

Operieren und kassieren - Ein Klinik-Daten-Krimi

27.06.2017 | 19:15 | tagesschau24

Radland NRW

30.06.2017 | 20:15 | WDR

Operieren und kassieren - Ein Klinik-Daten-Krimi

01.07.2017 | 09:15 | tagesschau24

Radland NRW

01.07.2017 | 13:00 | WDR

Dschungel unter Wasser - Das geheimnisvolle Leben im Baggersee

01.07.2017 | 13:15 | MDR

Vergessene Wracks - Schwarze Tränen der Meere

01.07.2017 | 22:00 | arte