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Since our company was set up in the year 2005, we have developed into one of Germany's leading producers of television documentaries and TV magazine reports. Important topics, researched in depth, lavishly filmed and thrillingly narrated - this characterises the work of Längengrad Filmproduktion.

Our core focus is two-fold: the broad spectrum of science, environment and medicine on the one hand and current affairs and historical issues on the other.

Our principal clients are Germany's public broadcasting channels and international partners, for whom we produce many hours of programmes every year.

When it comes to film work, we're a one-stop shop, supplying everything - from the idea to the research, filming and editing, right up to the finished production. All from one single source. And worldwide: our camera teams are active on all continents. More than 40 national and international awards at prestigious film festivals, including the Grimme Prize and two Blue Panthers, the Bavarian Television Prize‚ are the gratifying encouragement for our work.

Take a look at selected excerpts from some of our award-winning television documentaries, magazine reports, image and information films.

And if you'd like to contact us, we'd be very happy to hear from you!

Broadcast date:

Theos Tierwelt - Die Arche vor der Haustür (Schulfernsehfassung)

28.11.2017 | 08:20 | WDR

Wasser ist Zukunft: Der Colorado - Ein Fluss sucht seine Mündung

29.11.2017 | 10:50 | arte

Wasser ist Zukunft: Andalusiens geheimer Schatz

29.11.2017 | 11:30 | arte

Wasser ist Zukunft: Die Emscher - Das Wunder im Kohlenpott

30.11.2017 | 10:50 | arte

Wasser ist Zukunft: Die Niederlande - Der Pakt mit dem Wasser

30.11.2017 | 11:30 | arte

Theos Tierwelt - Neue Arten braucht die Welt (Schulfernsehfassung)

05.12.2017 | 08:20 | WDR

Wasser ist Zukunft: Der Colorado - Ein Fluss sucht seine Mündung

11.12.2017 | 08:45 | arte

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